Nar Sarah Clinic

The NarSarah Clinic screens and diagnoses over 4,000 patients per year. As a part of the primary health care program, Peacemaker, the Health Program Officer, and Finah, Midwife and Asst. Health Program Officer disburse medication, provide injections, and perform minor surgeries. They refer more serious cases to a suitable nearby medical center. Peacemaker also coordinates the referral of all fistula patients for further treatment in the town of Bo.

The clinic also offers HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and sensitization in addition to general community health education on essential topics such as hygiene and disease prevention. After hours, on-call nurses are available for emergency health care services. The work is certainly around the clock, but Peacemaker, Finah and other NarSarah staff are incredibly dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of the poor in rural Sierra Leone.

In addition to the primary health care clinic and referral services, NarSarah staff provide several other services including: weekly maternal clinic, pre-and post-natal care, family planning and deliveries. The weekly under-five and children’s health care clinic offers immunizations and growth monitoring.

Mission and Goals

Salone Enabling and Empowering Development (SEED), Inc. is a not for profit corporation dedicated to enabling and empowering the rural poor of Sierra Leone, especially the most vulnerable groups, with the aim of achieving an improved standard of living by working in partnership with local groups to create community initiatives for transformative actions.

  1. Health clinics that provide basic out patient health care as well as 24 to 36 hour in-patient care en-route to hospital. (See NarSarah CLINIC, our first project)

  2. Educational scholarships to provide “financial support to 3000 “needy” elementary, secondary, and University of Sierra Leone students (1500 elementary, 1000 secondary, and 500 university students.

  3. Agricultural supplements to provide financial, material and technical support to increase productivity by farmers and fishermen for 3 consecutive years. Support for 2nd and 3rd years would be dependent on performance the previous year.

  4. Human relationship development and management through support of local churches and other civic organizations that promote healing of shattered relationships.

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