NarSarah Clinic

Serving over 4,000 patients per year

The NarSarah Clinic screens and diagnoses over 4,000 patients per year. As a part of the primary health care program, Peacemaker, the Health Program Officer, and Finah, Midwife and Asst. Health Program Officer disburse medication, provide injections, and perform minor surgeries. They refer more serious cases to a suitable nearby medical center. Peacemaker also coordinates the referral of all fistula patients for further treatment in the town of Bo.

The clinic also offers HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and sensitization in addition to general community health education on essential topics such as hygiene and disease prevention. After hours, on-call nurses are available for emergency health care services. The work is certainly around the clock, but Peacemaker, Finah and other NarSarah staff are incredibly dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of the poor in rural Sierra Leone.

In addition to the primary health care clinic and referral services, NarSarah staff provide several other services including: weekly maternal clinic, pre-and post-natal care, family planning and deliveries. The weekly under-five and children’s health care clinic offers immunizations and growth monitoring.

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The NarSarah Clinic began in 2004 and opened for business in a local residence in 2005. The clinic then moved to a facility built in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, major funds were acquired that allowed for further expansion including 9 rooms plus storage areas.

From 2010 to 2014, the clinic grew in patient load and gained the respect of local health officials. NarSarah is now registered as a primary health care facility and the clinic and Kabala Hospital have developed a partnership to better serve the people throughout the region. Learn more about the clinic’s history here.